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Balance by Bell herbal therapeutics are uniquely formulated
for restoring harmony to the mind, body, & soul.

Re-energising, Rejuvenating and Detoxifying. 


A little about Balance

Hi, I'm Arabella! But you can call me Bell.

My purpose is to balance and restore harmony the mind, body and soul by introducing simple yet effective healing components, all derived from the sun, ocean, and earth into your lives.

My natural remedies deliver therapeutic actions to assist in restoring our nervous and digestive systems. These two biological systems go hand in hand with our mental wellbeing and in turn our digestive wellbeing.

Have you heard of the gut/brain axis?

This is a biological network where the brain and gut communicate to one another; when one of them is down, the other one is down. The Balance priority is to therefore nurture, balance, and restore both of these systems, so that they can both be happy together. Often when our organs and their correlating systems are imbalanced they communicate this to us via our skin. For this reasoning, I have accumulated a range of herbs and minerals to assist with the restoration and repair of our skin to use in conjunction with the mental and digestive healing herbs. 



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